even more in love with my Cybook (2nd impressions)

Back today with second impressions of my Cybook Opus. I’ve only had it for 2 days but am even more in love with it than yesterday lol.  And here’s why . . . . when lying in bed last night, I suddenly thought:-  “hey, my Cybook can read pdf files . . . wonder if that is the format my GOS subs come in?” 

So first thing this morning, I was on my computer, fiddling around and yay !!!  THE GIFT OF STITCHING digital magazine arrives in pdf format and while it’s not very practical to attempt to read it on a 5″ screen, for monochrome charts on 100% zoom charts are perfectly clear and mean that I’ll save on paper and printer ink. In the future, if I want to stitch a project from GOS I’ll be able to transfer it to my Cybook.  Photos to prove it and a bit of a zoom and that is not all . . . oh no, there’s more ^^

Since it can read pdf format, I realised I could also transfer my own charts onto my little pocket Cybook Opus.  It won’t be much good for designs with lots of colours, but for simple designs, it’s just perfect.

I am such a happy bunny ^^

I mean, I was happy on Friday when I first laid eyes on my little blue wonder, and my future reading companion. But now that I’ve discovered it can also be my stitching companion . . . it’s never going to leave my side lol.