Cybook Opus – first impressions

My Cybook Opus has arrived ^^ 

It arrived yesterday so I’ve had time to get to know it a little, mess around with the USB cable and work out how to transfer books, as well as sitting down for a read yesterday to see how it felt compared to a real book.  And I have to say: I’m in love lol.  It’s such a cute little thing and it just feels so comfortable to hold. 

I really am not the world’s most competent computer user, but even I fathomed out how to add books from my computer to my Cybook and since the Opus doesn’t have many functions, it didn’t take me long to understand them all.  It really is an Ereader for idiots – just need to switch it on, and start reading.

To begin with, I shall be making the most of free books: either those already in my Cybook or ones available on the internet because there really is a great deal of reading material available for free, so it seems silly not to take advantage of it.  I’m going to be able to have a clear out of my book shelves because wherever possible, I will be replacing my old paperback classics with their epub counterparts.  And what better way to read all those classics again rather than just seeing them collect dust.

My only disappointment hasn’t been with my Cybook Opus but with the choice of places to buy from on line. There are plenty of French on-line stores where I can buy from, but I had been planning on buying English books from WHSmith on-line . . . and discovered last night that they can only sell to UK customers at the moment.  Not to worry – I have plenty of books to keep me going and if I can only buy from French stores then I’ll just read in French, it doesn’t really make any difference.

For the time-being, I am in the middle of

 “There Must Be Murder” by Margaret C Sullivan – a modern day author who has written a “sequel” to Austen’s “Northanger Abbey” with illustrations by Cassandra Chouinard

and am thoroughly enjoying myself.  I found that on this site a real treasure trove of novels by women authors . . . I think there are enough books there to keep me going until 2015 at least ^^

Anyway, a few other photos to show off my new book

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