exchange in RED sent

Today I can post a better photo of the Daisy Ring blackwork coaster in red (design by Nancy Pederson I stitched this coaster in variagated red for a recent exchange.  A colours exchange, and the person I was stitching for chose RED.  Her pseudo is Mariette but her real-life name begins with a “C” ^^.  Anyway, we had a budget of around 15 euros to stick to, and here’s what I sent 

Daisy Ring blackwork – Nancy Pederson

In this months GOS magazine there was yet another gorgeous blackwork design by Nancy Pederson to tempt me . . . and since I was looking for a design to make a few quick presents, I printed the chart out and set to stitching.  I didn’t realise, when I began my first Daisy Ring, that I would end up stitching the same design three times lol as my original idea was simply to make a small cushion or perhaps a biscornu. However . . . stitching on 18-ish count aida, I soon realised that this was the perfect design to fit into an acryllic coaster. 

The “J” and “A” were packaged up and posted to my sister, Jane, whose birthday it was on 20th February.  The “J” for her and “A” for the man in her life – stitched with Threadworx  1138 “Mosaic” and the “C” (which I will give you a close up of in a future post) also with Threadworx but I’ve lost the label.

two SAL updates

This year, I am being inspired by many free designs available on and have several SALs either on the go, or on my agenda for months to come.  Current SALs are . . . a Pelin Tezer design: “Turkish Sampler” which is in its 6th week.  Extremely pink still because I am keeping to the same kind of colour scheme and I have to say, I’m looking forward to the next lines as pink really isn’t my favourite colour.

Another bright design is “Reading is Magic” by Barbara Ana.  This week we’re stitching the last part of this cute SAL. I just might unpick the back stitch on “Magic” because I used yellow like on the chart but the word doesn’t stand out at all. 

Next stage is to finish off this piece of fabric. Either into a small wall-hanging or a bookmark, I haven’t decided which yet.

12 down, 37 to go

I have been so slack with my Animal Care course that I am ashamd of myself.  When I signed up for it in May last year, it was in the knowledge that I would have 49 assignments to do and although the distance school allows me three years to complete the course, I was thinking I’d probably complete it in 12 – 18 months.  As it is, nine months after beginning, and I’m not quite quarter of the way through which means I need to do some serious catching up.

Grades are good ( here’s my grade sheet to prove it) but with only 12 assignments completed in 9 months, and 37 assignments still to go I really need to pick up the pace or I will need the full 3 years to complete the course lol.

spoiled by La pie kikou

Lovely Lionel delivered a bubble envelope this morning and inside, a totally unexpected surprise from a French blogging friend, La pie kikou

A really fun card (that I had actually admired and commented on last week lol

a traditional embroidery chart with a CAT design and three skeins of DMC perle N° 5 threads. 

I’m not quite sure whether these are the threads used for traditional embroidery or not as I’ve never used them (nor done traditional embroidery either) but I’m sure I’ll find a project for them.  So a big thank you to Jocelyne (her real name) it was a lovely surprise and I can’t stop admiring the card.

how to pretty up a picture

Rather pretentious of me to put the following in my “tutorial” category because I doubt very much whether I’ll be showing you how to do something new BUT my aim is to encourage you to do it more often ^^

How many times do we finish a small cross stitch project, and then just shove it in a drawer because we don’t know what to do with it? Well, this year I have decided I want to make proper finishes of all stitching that goes on in this house and with that in mind, I set up workshop yesterday to finish of Lindashee’s little “Rose” character.  She designed and stitched just for the fun, and once finished it was the inevitable “What shall I do with it now?”.  And since I reckoned “Rose” was much too cute to be stuck in a drawer, I decided to frame her and she’ll be travelling down to Lyon this weekend where grandma is poorly.

Anyway, enough chat . . . out came cardboard, scissors, fabric, and double sided tape (I use a special heavy duty carpet tape). 

Using the glass, from the cheap picture frame, I drew my cardboard outline and then, after measuring my design size, I measured and cut out window.

Then I cut fabric slightly bigger than my cardboard and cut a hole in the centre (cutting diagonally into the corners)

Then out came double-sided sticky tape  and I covered my cardboard on both sides.  Then proceeded to cover that with my fabric. I folded fabric over from the outside first (adter having cut fabric at out outer corners diagonally), and then added extra sticky tape where necessary as I folded fabric over from the centre.  Tried to keep corners as neat as possible and not pull fabric too tight either.

Next I got another piece of cardboard (but forgot to photograph this step) and stuck the cross stitch piece on that and then stuck it behind my “window”.  Then both pieces of cardboard, back in the picture frame to give me this I could have put the glass back in but decided not too. I like to see and feel the matt fabric texture rather than have it shining under glass and this also allowed me to decorate one of the not so neat corners with a single rose ^^

ROSE by Lindashee

Oooh it’s the proud Mum who comes posting today lol. Not only does my teenager daughter enjoy my hobby of cross stitching, but she’s also been trying her hand at charting some of her own original artwork.  A while back, she created a little character, a very thin, pale, rather sad looking young girl that she christened “Rose”

. . . and several Rose sketches saw the light of day over the following weeks, months.

Then, I suggested she might want to transform her sketch into a cross stitch pattern. No sooner suggested, than done!  And I come posting to show off the results of this latest project. 

You can download the chart on Lindashee’s blog.

Valentine exchange sent & received

I took part in a Valentine exchange on a French forum and since packages have been sent and received I can show off the lastest stitching.

I was stitching for Vivou and decided to stitch one of my own designs – a variation on my hearts & crosses bookmark to make a pinkeep. 

Chart in pdf format FREE avoir du coeur

I received from Corinne who also had the idea of making a pinkeep so a huge thank you to Corinne for this simply delightful pinkeep