feedback on Handeze gloves

After reading on Viooltje’s blog about hand trouble I realised that I never took the time to give feedback on my Handeze gloves which I bought in November.  I was suffering from pain in fingers & thumb (with pain even shooting up my forearm) especially in my right hand, which is the hand that holds my hoop or fabric.  It was so bad that I had to stop stitching for a few days.  I then invested in a pair of Handeze therapeutic gloves – which are more mittens than gloves – ordering a pair from 123Stitch.

My first impression was “a tad expensive for what they were, and will they really help?” . . . well let me tell you, I went and ordered myself a second pair the following week and (for my aches and pains at least) yes they really do help !  I suppose that wearing any kind of glove or mitten would help because they keep joints warm BUT the advantage of Handeze is that they are very light-weight, and even indoors with the heating on, my hands don’t get too hot. 

I actually wear a mitten ALL THE TIME on my right hand nowadays but don’t need to wear one on the other hand. Since I bought two pairs, that means I have 4 mittens, so I always have one on, one washed and drying, and the other two in a drawer lol.  The only time I take it off is when I need to put my hands in water (ie washing up, under the shower etc) or when I’m preparing food.   For stitching the mitten gives me relief, and also when I’m typing on the computer keyboard or using the mouse.  They were probably the best thing I have ever bought for crafts because, without them, I wouldn’t be able to stitch so much.