Volume 2 of Isabelle Vautier’s hearts


Calling all Isabelle Vautier fans . . . news hot off the press is that the long-awaited Volume 2 of Isabelle Vautier’s heart designs is out.  Ninety-four of her famous hearts grouped together in this second volume which you can have a look at here http://www.edisaxe.com/product_info_new.php?products_id=3151  If you click on “feuilleter un extrait” you’ll be able to turn a few pages and see inside. 

I also found out, from Isabelle’s blog, that she’s going to be in Paris next month at the crafts show “L’Aiguille en Fête” to promote her new book and it just so happens I’m going to the show on 11th February lol.  I’m not sure if I’ll be buying myself a copy just yet though since money has been ear-marked for fitness DVDs and my future Ereader.  In theory I’m going to the crafts show merely to look and drool, not buy ^^

Ereader – decision decisions

After the article earlier this month, I have finally made up my mind regarding my future Ereader.  I’m going to buy myself a Cybook Opus by Bookeen.

It’s a 5″ screen and one of the lightest on the market. Possibly not the “best” by some standards but I feel it’s the one for me.  It has enough memory to store 1Go yet also has the SD slot in case my library expands out of all proportion. It doesn’t have tactle screen or any extras, like MP3 or text-to-speech . . . but I want my Ereader to read with so that’s fine by me.  I now have to make the next decision . . . what colour to choose lol.  The Cybook Opus exists in quite a few colours, so now I’m umming and ahhing.  Should I go for something “timeless” and just choose, black, white or pearl . . . something more original yet discreet (in which case I like the blue) or should I be totally outrageous and buy in orange, red or green?  What a dilemma.