cardio with Joanna Hall

I’m still busy making new resolutions for the coming year but ones I have given serious thought to, so really plan on carrying them through. One of them is to do with fitness.  I stopped smoking on 1st September which I am really proud about. It isn’t the first time I have given up smoking but this time I honestly believe it’s for good.  I don’t feel the slightest craving (despite living with 2 smokers) and I honestly feel a lot better for having stopped. However . . . I have already put on 5 kilos since September and want neither to keep these extra kilos nor see new kilos piling on.  So . . . the resolution is to shift that extra weight by doing some exercise. 

As with most things I undertake, I have been doing some “research” over the past few days to see what would best suit me. I am NOT a sports-loving gal, never have been and it’s not at my age that I will suddenly become all energetic. I don’t want to sign up at a sports club or gym because that means having to leave home and GO somewhere . . . which I know I won’t want to do.  And I don’t want to have to buy any expensive equipment (so the Wii and all those fun-looking exercise machines are out lol).

What I AM thinking of doing though is . . . buy myself a couple of DVDs and have 45 minute workout sessions at home a couple of times a week.  On youtube I have been watching videos of Step,  Stepdance, LIA (Low Impact Aerobics), Aerobics, and . . . discovered Joanna Hall.  I’ve obviously been living in France for far too long, because it seems that Joanna Hall is a household name in the UK with her “walking” technique and her “carbs curfew”. 

She sounds like a sensible lady, and I’ve had the chance to see a 5 minute extract of some of her exericises which look perfectly suited to the middle-aged, not particularly fit, lady that I am and I am going to buy myself one of her DVDs to start my exercises with. 

This is the video I shall be buying Joanna Hall - 28 Day Total Body Plan [Import anglais]

I assume it’s the one the youtube extract comes from

Husband and kids all think it’s a hoot – Mum wanting to do some get-fit . . . and the only comments they are capable of is “you could simply go jogging” .  But I’m used to the lack of support from them. Had no support over the no-smoking so I don’t expect any over the “get fit”. 

What they don’t know though, is that if I enjoy working out with Joanna Hall, then I shall invest in a few more DVDs later AND my very own “step” because I’ve seen quite a few videos of Step and reckon that could be quite fun.