keeping up with technology

I’ve been busy these past few days, not with cross stitch but with doing some research on the internet for something I plan to treat myself to for my birthday: an Ebook. Yep, despite the ever increasing amount of grey hair and wrinkles, and the extra candle on the cake this year, I do like to try and keep up with modern tachnology. I was originally going to buy myself an Ipod, thinking of the cross stitch applications that second son has been developping . . . but then I discovered Ebooks and decided an Ipod can wait and that I’ll get much more use out of an Ebook because I simply love reading but am gradually running out of shelf space for real books.

Anyway . . . for the moment I’ve been reading up on all the different Ebooks on the market, and eliminating as I go.  Size and budget have been my main criteria – and I’ve whittled my choice down to three: all the smallest 5″ screens and weighing in at approx 150g.

Sony PRS350 which comes in 3 colours, has a tactile screen and has memory capacity of 2Go  for approx 1200 books. 

Pocketbook 360 which comes in black or ivory. It only has 512 Mb but it takes SD cards so books could be stored on cards. Also comes with its own protection, that sort of clips (or slides) on to protect the screen when its in a bag.

Cybook Opus which comes in a variety of colours (black, red, blue, green, white, pearl, pink, orange) and also with its own little protective case. The Opus has 1Go storage and also takes SD cards.

I’m still umming and ahhing, but I admit I’m swaying more towards the Cybook Opus. Hard to explain, but the Sony one sort of has me a little scared with its tactile screen and all the functions it offers lol and while I like the look of the PocketBook 360  (which seems really easy to use) I think the Cybook Opus looks more “fun”. They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but since I’m looking to buy something that will become my reading companion for the future, it doesn’t hurt if I like the look of it ^^

I shall continue reading the reveiws and the tests posted on the internet before I take the plunge and make my final choice, but if anyone passing by has a comment to make, I would love to hear from you.