New Year’s wishes received

Whereas British posties were kept busy delivering xmas cards before Christmas, French posties are being kept busy after Christmas as the French send out their annual seasons wishes for the New Year.  Lovely Lionel has therefore been stopping off at our house on his rounds, and here’s what I’ve had the pleasure of opening.

a card from Véronique, who stitched 1 over 1 on 27 count evenweave for the first time.

“Meilleurs voeux” in red from Mamoures

a little card and packet of cat buttons to keep me creative in 2011 from Louamaryllis

and from Charles and Fernande . . . Charles, who was one of my English students when I first began teaching at evening classes 24 years ago, and who we’ve kept in touch with despite us moving  years ago.

neglected “Bramble and the Rose”

One project started in 2010 has been seriously neglected and both Véronique and myself have made a vow to get back to work on this SAL. Sandra, and Sheila, if you read this, it’s a gentle nudge to you too lol.

Half a dozen of us started this Ink Circles design in March 2010 and I think only Karen and Jean actually finished. Véronique sent me a photo of how things look on her fabric and here’s how things look with mine so . . . promises, promises, and lots of good resolutions . . . we’re going to get back to work on this project and see it finished before the summer.