“Cross Stitch Fairies”

2011 simply isn’t going to be long enough for all the lovely designs I’ve book-marked. Here is the THIRD book I treated myself to with my sons’ money for Christmas. “Fairy Princess” by Lesley Teare

“Fairy Silhouettes” by Lucie Heaton

“Fairy Godmother” by Joan Elliott

and “Fairy Alphabet” by Claire Crompton, are just a few of the magical designs.

“Magical Cross Stitch”

The second book I treated myself to with my sons’ money this Christmas (thanks boys!) is “Magical Cross Stitch” which has designs by various famous names. The “Phoenix Rising” on the cover page by Carol Thornton.

“Wizard Magic” by Ursula Michael

“Sleeping Beauty” by Joan Elliott

and some magical ladies by Claire Crompton (just to give you a glimpse at some of the wonders inside)

“Bewitching Cross Stitch” – Joan Elliott

My two sons didn’t know what to get me for Christmas (apparently I’m not an easy person to buy for ???) so I told them a sure way to make me happy would be to invest in something cross-stitchy.  The two of them, then just told me to treat myself and that they would pay . . . so off I went shopping on amazon lol and after much drooling and hesitation, here’s what I bought.


with loads of gorgeous designs by Joan Elliott. Here are some photos of what’s inside