Lindashee happy dancing

My almost 16 year old daughter, aka Lindashee, is happy dancing because she FINALLY put the finishing touches to her Isabelle Vautier GRAND MARQUOIR ^^

She sort of got side-tracked from cross stitching (as teenagers tend to do) and, while she had literally completed by the end of 2009, she was getting annoyed with metallic threads – and Mum refused to do it for her – so her Marquoir got put on hold until last week.  Here it is in all its unwashed, unironed glory stitched on a 14 count off-white aida, using DMC 839 and Metallic old gold.

Her “Purse Collection” and “Pizzaz” aren’t going anywhere fast – because apparently I’m supposed to be putting on my granny glasses and searching for miscounts (which I will do all in my own good time ^^) so . . . to stop Lindashee getting bored, and because it’s still half term holidays here and teenagers need something to keep them busy . . . she’s just begun a new project for the year:  Sylvia’s “MY LITTLE HEART” design available on Sylvia’s blog here

This is a SAL I have plans of beginning myself and will now obviously have to start soon so that Lindashee doesn’t leave me too far behind so you will soon be able to enjoy photos of mother and daughter battling it out furiously to see who finishes first ^^


4 thoughts on “Lindashee happy dancing

  1. Congratulations on a fantastic effort. I am wondering where I can get the pattern to do this beautiful cross stitch. I can only find part 1 on the web. Can you help me find it so that I can start my own. Thanks

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