GRAND MARQUOIR – one month to go ^^

Some of you Grand Marquoir stitchers have finished this epic piece already (thinking of Sandra who has done herself proud!)

In this house, we haven’t given up though and are stitching along with firm resolutions of having our samplers finished by midnight on 31st December at the very latest ^^  The race is still on between my daughter and myself, but I am valiantly closing the gap . . . here’s how our fabric looks today.  Lindashee stitching in brown and gold, and already on part six

and my version in green, part five just completed and one month left to tackle the sixth and final part. 


One thought on “GRAND MARQUOIR – one month to go ^^

  1. Oh…you go girls! I’ve given up on this one for 2009 – but hope to get it finished in 2010… just bumping along with my South Seas Lace – want to get that finished by end of year.

    Following along with Le Blue’s story… poor little kitty, though they are incredibly resilient … my Mum’s remaining cat Scully lost the tip of her paw several years ago in an accident, and while she looks funny in the way she loops around, she adapted very quickly.

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