SOUTH SEAS LACE – happy dance

I’m having a happy dance gleefully proclaiming “I’ve finished” to anyone who cares to listen to me ^^


My SOUTH SEAS LACE by Debbie Draper (chart published in The Gift of Stitching magazine) – stitched using Pomme de Pin “Water Plouf” threads.  Great fun to stitch, and now needs an iron, and a frame !  Not sure how Vikki is coming along with this design as she seems to be side-tracked quilting here but Sandra has been going great guns this week and there will be happy dancing in Wales before too long^^


3 thoughts on “SOUTH SEAS LACE – happy dance

  1. Well done Claire on an extremely pretty finish, a great choice of threads for this design! I will have my dancing shoes on by the end of this weekend with a bit of luck!

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