summer card exchange & GM update

Lovely Lionel has delivered post for the day which means I can show you photos of a recent exchange organised on the forum Nos Plaisirs Créatifs.  It was a SUMMER CARD exchange – just a quick exchange, stitching and sending a card on the theme of summer.  I stitched this for mamoures (using lots of red as that’s her favourite colour and red seed beads for the flip flops).  echange carte ete It’s an adaptation of a Helga Mandl design from issue 31 of THE GIFT OF STITCHING.  And I received this card from france this morning echange carte recu1 -france must have excellent eye sight because she stitched over one on linen ^^

Today I shall be making more progress on my SSL project (along with Sandra & Vikki) but other photo to share with you today is progress on my Isabelle Vautier Grand Marquoir. GM 04 09 Am hoping to have part 4 complete by mid-September BUT I also have two other “must do” projects on my agenda (a small RR design for 10th and an “autumn exchange” for 15th) so completing part 4 may well drag on until the end of the month^^


2 thoughts on “summer card exchange & GM update

  1. What lovely cards! Kudos to your partner for stitching over one, that’s really hard work! GM is coming along nicely, I think we have roughly the same amount done.

  2. The Grand Marquoir looks wonderful… I’ve given up on keeping up with that one, just saving each part and I’ll work on it when I’ve finished Mary Wigham, which is on the floor frame.

    Not sure how much SSL I’ll get to this week… Mum coming to stay for a marathon mystery quilt in – so will be wearing my quilting hat for the weekend.

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